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The Dacra was an extremely dangerous magical weapon carried by the Sisters of the Light and the Sisters of the Dark.


A Dacra looks like a normal knife, with a sharpened silver rod in place of a blade, however it is infinitely more lethal. If a Dacra pierces the skin of a person, even on a place as small as the little finger, that person is placed under the weapon's power. The wielder of the Dacra need only open themselves to their Han and their victim will die instantly.

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Printed @ .16 mm for high resolution. 


This magical weapon can be yours for next Cosplay or event. 

Almost ready to go, and just the scrolling art and you good. 


No Painting, No Sanding, some assembly required.


Image for reference only, 

Will come with plastic pin and washer for assembly.



Folder, and hidden, until needed, open and well you know the rest....

Remember, magic cannot be used on the pristinely ungifted  or Mord Sith

The Dacra - Kit

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