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COSPLAY - Plastic Prop Kit - Mad Max - Sawed off Shotgun - Updated Designed, Fewer Seams. 

This is 3D printed Mad Max inspired - sawed off shotgun.  Non-functional, prop only!

close to  Scale with safety plugs. At 17 inches long, fits nicely in your hand. 

Nearly finished - trim, sand, glue and paint (if desired). 
Light sanding only!

Note: Image of finished shotgun for reference only. Model may not be exact.

Courtesy of

Easy to assemble. Comes with Instructions. 

Be sure to use super glue gel or Loctite for plastics

Available in all Black or Black with Brown Grips. 

If not specified, black is shipped. 

Note: 1 prop per order, images for reference only. 

Muzzle made by

Note: I/we have no affiliation with the show, it's owners, creators, writers and or actors.

Mad Max - Sawed off Shotgun - Updated Design, Fewer Seams - Kit

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